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White Gold Jewellery Online

APEIRO KOSMIMA sources Jewellery from Europe, our principal source is Greece.

We bring it to you to make it easy to buy Greek fine jewellery online.

Our pieces aim to give you a portal to the beautiful destinations of Europe. We look to bring you pieces which have a special meaning, whether it be to ward of negative energy or reflect the infinity that jewellery is we always look to bring you a piece with a distinctive meaning as well as the ability to make you smile as you wear it.

Any person can have negative thoughts wishes upon them and so the evil eye is worn to ward off this curse and protect you everyday.

All our jewellery is made of 925 silver or 14 Carat white gold and has been platinum plated to counteract the patina created by the sulfide compounds in the silver.

Look through our shop and buy yourself a beautiful 14 Carat Gold gift!

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