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How do you protect yourself from the evil eye  ματι 

You can protect yourself by wearing the evil eye symbol.  

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept electronic payment.

How to care for your item
Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver may tarnish when exposed to perspiration, humidity, cosmetics, household bleach, chlorine and harsh chemicals. Please refrain from exposing your jewelry to any of these and always keep your item in a dry place.
Having a silver polishing cloth is a great way to clean your silver jewelry without scratching it.

How to care for your item

Gold should not be exposed to cleaning products or bleach. We recommend you do not wear your jewelry when cleaning, swimming in the pool or ocean, using lotions or cosmetics or exercising.

 You should clean your gold jewelry with a soft bristle brush carefully and always store your piece in a safe dry place when it is not worn.

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